Our Philosophy

“Artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up.” – V.

The true story, no matter how interesting or rich in details, is never as colorful and deep as the twisted version that reaches us… The world’s most talented artists twist the truth to show us a beautifully distorted version of reality. This art comes in different forms and sounds.. This art comes from individuality and creativity.. I personally believe that we’re all forced to live a big lie, and we accept that to feel better about ourselves and the world around us, and it is only the powerful that brings out the best in that to share their art with the world instead of manipulate humanity through weak politics… Let’s get lost in the LieMaze; in a positive inspiring way!

Our Story

Our CV is rich in variations of work; Advertising, filmmaking, graphic design, art direction, creative direction, digital marketing, and lots of interrelated work. Hybrid as it is, the key is passion, we take up accounts or briefs that match our interest that stopping at one task becomes impossible; hence, adding more to it or even escalating simple marketing into a full-fledge campaign.. We love what we do, and will stop nowhere unless it’s out of our league. However, we do believe that we condo everything and anything as long as it’s about something we love.

Ghalia ElShazly

GM & Founder

To understand the story of my company, you need to know some facts about me. I am a Computer Science graduate from AUC (The American University in Cairo), with double minors in Film & Business Administration. After graduating in 2007, I went into graphic design, waiting for my entry into filmmaking that came later in 2008, when I joined as Assistant Director in a TV Series starring the legend, the late Nour El-Sherif, directed by Lebanese tycoon Youssef CharaffEddine, written by the talented Walid Youssef, and produced by the master of TV productions, Mohamed Fawzy; El-Daly II. However, due to societal pressures, I felt obliged to opt for a less controversial job, and seeked post production, where I trained briefly in Cinepost, one of the best in the field; however, I still needed something more dynamic. From there, I took up advertising, and joined Mi7 Cairo, as a senior graphic designer, and stayed for a little over two years after becoming Art Director, and also having the opportunity to work in creative direction, account management, as well as the occasional copywriting. I worked with several interesting clients including, but not limited to: SODIC, Fayrouz, Americana (Hardee’s, T.G.I. Friday’s, and K.F.C), CIB, BNP Paribas, and Nacita. 

However, it was again time for a fresh start and my re-bounce into the filmmaking world where I was most curious and passionate, so I enrolled in New York Film Academy, and took my Filmmaking Diploma from there, in what would become the time of my life..

Nonetheless, coming back from that experience, I just couldn’t settle for one field, and realized that I am happiest doing everything, and not just one thing… What kept me going was to always be working on a freelance project; be it, a wedding documentary to a dear one, photography, a corporate identity, a campaign, or a mixture of all. I just believe that the biggest gift of all is your time, and I make sure those special people in my life are granted a piece of it by providing them with something special on a special day, or in their workplace.

Consequently, hybrid as it may seem, my sin is also my edge, I love engaging in everything, I love seeing the complete picture come to life and not just a piece of the puzzle, so I created the maze, the LieMaze, where I believe that arts should all get lost together to bring out the biggest masterpiece of all… So join in on the fun, and let us get lost in an enchanting world of arts and lies..

Join in on the fun…

Please, feel free to check out samples of our work and see how we could add to you by embracing, you or, your brand as our own like we love to..

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